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SportsEars makes an ideal gift at any time of the year and we have
a 2019 Christmas Special Offer for you.
If you purchase any full priced SportsEars AFL, NRL or Australia or NZ Rugby Premium Model, we will give you a set of our specially designed wrap-around stereo headphones, Free of Charge.

These SportsEars Headphones can be substituted for the normal earplug earpieces supplied with a Premium SportsEars. In fact you can also use them on other sound gear including your iPod, iPad or Laptop.

We call them “wrap-around” headphone as the head band wraps around the back of
your head. They are ideal for anyone that wears a hat or where earpieces don't suit. We have also discovered that they are great for fans that wear hearing aids as they sit over the ear (and a hearing aid).

To view the product please CLICK HERE

This offer is available until the end of December 2019.

As a fan, there’s nothing better than being at the football and seeing it live! Now, with the help of SportsEars, you can also HEAR it live.

SportsEars is a unique ‘fan’ based product that not only demystifies the Umpire’s
OR Referee’s decisions but informs, educates, entertains and gives the impression
of shrinking the stadium! It is far more than a normal radio.

For the true football fanatic, this is the answer to a dream!

SportsEars puts you right there on the field with the Match Officials and
enables you to listen to the on - field match officials communicating with
each other. You will hear all the decisions from the men that know, as
SportsEars really brings the game alive.

There are now 2 AFL models available. The NEW Premium AFL model of SportsEars
gives fans at the match three listening options: to hear the informative Seven Sport or Fox Footy’s Television commentary and/or the Umpires. The original AFL SportsEars Budget model allows fans at an AFL match to listen to the Umpires or you can switch to listen to your favourite Radio Commentary on either an AM or FM Radio Station.

The SportsEars Premium units for Rugby and Rugby League have an additional
feature that allows you to listen to the informative Television commentary of
the match call as the commentators guide you through the finer points of the
match, at the match!

So you can choose to hear the Referees in both ears or the Television commentary
in both ears or Television commentary in one ear and the Referees in the other
ear at the same time! (The Rugby League Budget unit allows you to hear the
Referee only). Then, if that’s not enough, you can use your Premium SportsEars
as a normal FM radio - anytime

Experience SportsEars for yourself. Visit the relevent section to find
the SportsEars that’s best for you!

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